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Why is tactical medicine important?

Historically, the core missions of medicine and law enforcement have generally been held separate and distinct. Tactical EMS evolved in response to those rare instances in which the hostile nature of an incident made it unsafe or impractical for conventional EMS to function within the inner perimeter or "hot zone" of an ongoing law enforcement operation. Unfortunately, the past decade has shown a rise in violence requiring advanced tactical interventions. Increases in school shooting incidents, active shooters, drug lab incidents, and other mass casualty situations have increased the need for organized tactical operations. With each of these activities comes unique but prepredictable injury risks, however, the standard civilian EMS approach to treating these injuries cannot be followed in the tactical context.

Corporate Security Services

In addition to special tactics and operations training, OPI offers a wide variety of corporate security services including security assessments, executive protection, and specialized security training (ex. business travel safety, active shooter preparedness and retail robbery prevention). Contact us for more information such as course descriptions.

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5-Day Tactical Emergency Medicine


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3-Day Advanced Tactical Emergency Medicine


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Excellent program! It challenged me personally and professionally. The content was very unique and the practical evolutions drove the message of the program home. ~ June 2017

This was a GREAT program. Good mix of classroom and field experiences. Awesome instructors! Don't change anything. ~ September 2018

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Founded in 2011, On Point International (OPI) provides special tactics and operations training to both domestic and international clients. OPI specializes in tactical medicine training at the awareness, operator and team leadership levels. In addition, we can custom design courses to meet your organization's goals and strategic objectives.