5-day Tactical Emergency Medicine

Think you have what it takes to work with a SWAT team and provide out-of-hospital care in a tactical environment? The austere environment of a tactical law enforcement mission requires special judgment and skills not taught in standard EMS courses or medical school. On Point International’s 5-day Tactical Emergency Medicine (TEMS) course is an intense classroom and physically challenging training program designed to provide the medical provider with valuable advanced combat medical skills combined with intense tactical training and the ability to use them both in extreme environments. Topics include the role of the tactical medicine provider; medical threat assessment and barricade medicine; wound management; medical implications of distraction devices and less lethal weapons; management of blast injuries; dynamic clearing techniques, team movement and operating with force protection; operational casualty care/tactical casualty care; wound ballistics; medical aspects of clandestine drug labs; crush injury and compartment syndrome; gear selection/improvised gear; advanced airway management in the tactical environment; and advanced airway labs.

Prerequisite: EMT, AEMT, EMT-P, nurse, physician, military, or law enforcement

3-day Advanced Tactical Emergency Medicine

Looking for a fast paced, physically challenging training program that expands your skills in the area of tactical medicine? If so, On Point International’s 3-day Advanced Tactical Emergency Medicine (ATEMS) course is for you! The program begins with a brief classroom review of TEMS fundamentals but quickly moves into hands-on challenges and advanced topics. Participants can expect intense training scenarios with demanding medical responses as part of the course. Topics covered include Operational Casualty Care/Tactical Casualty Care review with an introduction to trauma anesthesia; team movement, tactics and operating with force protection; self-defense and close quarters battle; blast injuries; weapons of mass destruction; pediatric care in tactical settings; and ropes & rappel.

Prerequisites: (1) On Point International's 5-day TEMS, CONTOMS or similar training and (2) EMT, AEMT, EMT-P, nurse, physician, military, or law enforcement

Introduction to Tactical Firearms for the TEMS Provider

During this seminar, participants will learn about firearms safety for the TEMS provider including the differences between various handgun, shotgun and rifle models; safing weapons; ammunition options; and shooting fundamentals.

Prerequisites: (1) EMT, AEMT, EMT-P, nurse, physician, military, or law enforcement; (2) On Point International’s 5-day TEMS course or similar training and (3) Concurrent registration for On Point International’s 3-day ATEMS course

Tactical Woodland Operations and Basic Wilderness Medicine

Does your tactical team really need training in woodland operations? Due to technological advances such as drones and handheld thermals, the natural tendency is to think that the woodland tactics of tracking and land navigation are best left in the past. In many cases, however, modern technology fails to deliver when tracking a fugitive in the woodland environment. Additionally, consider the threat assessment for woodland deployments--uncontained suspect at large in an unrestricted environment, suspect(s) movement unknown, weather factors, and danger areas too many to number. The result is one of the most high-risk deployments a team can face. Unfortunately, many teams receive little or no training in this type of deployment. In response to this need, we developed the one-day course, Tactical Woodland Operations and Basic Wilderness Medicine. This program, taught via classroom lecture, skills labs and field exercises, provides tactical team members with the knowledge and skills necessary to remain safe in the woodland environment, conduct successful operations and provide basic wilderness medicine. Topics include: Operational Planning and Preparation; Wilderness Safety and Survival; Land Navigation and Visual Tracking; Field Craft and Tactics; and Wilderness Medicine (e.g., patient assessment; trauma; orthopedic injuries; torso injuries; heat and cold related injuries; bites, stings and toxic plants).
Prerequisites: (1) EMT, AEMT, EMT-P, nurse, physician, military, or law enforcement and (2) Previous tactical training such as OPI's 5-day TEMS, CONTOMS, TCCC/TECC, NOTA SWAT (or equivalent)