Andre Antoine, President & Instructor


Career Officer with Toledo Police Department Including:

~ 14 Years as SWAT Operator & Team Medic

~ SWAT, Tactical Medic, Chemical Agents, and Firearms Instructor

~ Military M-113 Armored Personnel Carrier Operator

~ Explosive Breaching Operator

~ Dignitary Protection


Andre's Resume  

Shane Baumgartner, Instructor


Firefighter/Paramedic with Whitehouse and Northwood Fire Departments

Former Combat/Tactical Medic and Security Team Member for:

~ DynCorp International (Assignment: US Dept. of State in Iraq Including Team Medical Training)

~ Cochise Consultancy (Assignment: VIP Protection in Iraq)

~ Findlay Police Department ERT

Former Team Leader, USMC, 2nd Recon Battalion (Honorable Discharge)


Shane's Resume